Scaffolding and Access

Denholm Zholdas are the largest scaffolding company in Kazakhstan with the ability to provide access solutions in both conventional and system scaffolding.

All types of scaffolding are provided, ranging from fully designed bespoke constructions to simple hop-ups.

As part of an ongoing drive to provide clients with more efficient solutions to their access requirements, Denholm Zholdas have invested heavily in the Solideq System offering a host of benefits to our clients including:

  • Lightweight system: resulting in reduction in fatigue, and improved manual handling (especially at height)
  • Simplicity: reducing the risk of error, and increasing the ease of inspection
  • Bay dimensions: reducing the materials required (and thereby reduces the transportation requirements on site)
  • Strength: the system is far stronger and capable of withstanding far greater live loads than both conventional tube and fittings and other types of system scaffolds
  • International Standards: exceeds EN access standards
  • Design: CAD design and calculations are available for this system
  • Construction: simple construction, saving time and money.

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