Industrial Cleaning

Denholm Zholdas are the leading industrial cleaning contractor in Kazakhstan.

Operating the largest fleet of modern high pressure and ultra high pressure water jetting systems in the country, clients rely on the expertise of fully trained and experienced jetting specialists to complete projects to the highest standards. The combination of experience and modern equipment brings multiple safety and productivity benefits to our clients.

Where practical and applicable, Denholm Zholdas utilise non manned entry capabilities through our sister company Denholm MacNamee. For applications where manned entry is required, Denholm Zholdas operatives are fully trained in tank and vessel entry procedures and fully equipped with the latest breathing apparatus systems and other accessories required for safe tank entry

We use the following technologies in our industrial cleaning:

  • High pressure water jetting
  • Ultra high pressure water Jetting
  • Lift pumps
  • Automatic shell-side tube bundle cleaners
  • Automatic tube bundle internal cleaning system
  • RDR rotating hose pipe cleaners
  • Cold cutting abrasive system



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