Heat Treatment

Denholm Zholdas are the largest heat treatment company operating in Kazakhstan.

Calling on a large pool of fully trained heat treatment technicians using our extensive fleet of specialist equipment allows us to provide the following core services:

  • Pre execution engineering services and analysis - finite analyses (thermal and structural)
  • Electrical resistance heat treatment – high and low voltage including:
    • Hydrogen releases (bake outs) prior to welding
    • Preheating for welding
    • Intermediate hydrogen releases (post preheating of exotic welds)
  • Post weld heat treatment (sub-critical and super critical) of pipe work and pressure vessels prefabrication and “in situ”
    • Annealing
    • Normalising
    • Tempering
  • Combustion heat treatment – gas, diesel and PWHT in situ, including:
    • Permanent / temporary furnaces
    • Refractory dry-outs
    • Paint cures
    • Glass furnaces
    • Process start-ups
  • Line thaws: product melt outs


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