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With extensive experience in the application of both Cementatious and epoxy fireproofing products, Denholm Zholdas are a certified Chartek applicator and supply the BENARX range of fireproofing products.

BENARX products offer unique removable solutions to some of the problems faced with fireproofing projects in extreme temperatures.

Product Overview:

Removable fire insulation epoxy boxes are entirely covered with an expanding epoxy coating. Dependent on client requirements, the boxes can be disassembled into two or more components. Easy mounting and dismounting allows for convenient inspection, maintenance, and cleaning. Boxes are custom-made and individually marked to ensure a perfect fit and easier maintenance.

Approved and used by global leaders in oil and gas, removable fire insulation boxes are exceptionally durable to withstand corrosion and the harsh offshore environments.

Benefits of the utilising the BENARX range:

  • Engineering and Manufacturing services
  • Custom on-site design service
  • Off-site manufacture
  • Highly flexible manufacturing process
  • Quality assured manufacturing process
  • Full traceability on manufactured product and material
  • Unique client specifications can be engineered in at production
  • Quicker response times to design and delivery
  • Shorter lead times
  • Less impact on project schedules due to delays


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