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As the largest shutdown specialist contractor in Kazakhstan, Denholm Zholdas offers market leading capabilities and have successfully carried out turnarounds and shutdowns on the major facilities for our clients for over 20 years.

Denholm Zholdas support your operational and maintenance needs through all stages of the plant life cycle, and offer our clients a unique and integrated support solution covering mechanical and electrical services.

We have the manpower, knowledge and experience to ensure that maintenance activities have a minimised impact on your assets and production activities.

Denholm Zholdas LLP is a Kazakh Limited Liability Partnership formed in 1999, when Denholm Industrial Services, a leading multi-discipline service company from the United Kingdom, and Zholdas & Co, of Kazakhstan, formed a partnership.  Currently Denholm Zholdas employ over 2,500 personnel, the vast majority of whom are Kazakh nationals (98.5%).  Denholm Zholdas are 95% Kazakhstani content certified.


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