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Our business is based on its people, our standards and our philosophy of combining investment in people, with investment in technology.We have set up training schemes in no fewer than nine different disciplines for Kazakh nationals. As a result, we now have a skilled national workforce which can provide a whole range of services to the upstream petrochemical industry.

Our Company


Our Company

Staff training

At our Atyrau support office, we now have a 1,500m2 training facility and, throughout the company, we have carried out over 450,00 training man-hours since 2005. Courses include:

  • Scaffolding, conventional and system
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Vessel entry
  • Mechanical services
  • Heat treatment
  • Equipment and machinery operators
  • Coatings application
  • Insulation
  • Wide range of HSE related courses

Each year, we invest over $270,000 – and carry out over 12,000 man-hours – in HSE-related training. Our safety team consists of 29 safety engineers and managers – all Kazakh nationals. We have worked over 15.4 million man-hours without a lost time accident (LTA).

Denholm Zholdas - pecentage of National labour in Tengiz


Denholm Zholdas’ proactive approach in investing in local communities, its people and the latest technology has underpinned the company’s growth - it is now a sizeable Kazakh business, with offices in five locations across Kazakhstan.

Our work to build a football pitch for a local school for children with learning disabilities won first place in Atyrau and second place nationwide as a social community project. Meanwhile, we have won a ‘best customs clearing company’ award in Atyrau and were chosen as the only contractor to represent TCO at a Kaz Energy Local Content Development Conference in Astana.


Our Group

Denholm Zholdas LLP are a subsidiary of Denholm Oilfield Services Limited who are a division of the J. & J. Denholm Group of companies based in the UK.

J. & J. Denholm is the parent company of the Denholm Group which has five divisions. These are Oilfield Services, Industrial Services, Logistics, Seafoods and Shipping.

J. & J. Denholm is a private company that is controlled by the descendants of the founder, John Denholm of Greenock. From its early beginnings in 1866 it has grown progressively so that today it has a turnover in excess of £200 million, shareholders funds in excess of £65 million, and it employs more than 2,300 people around the world.

All Denholm companies share similar characteristics that give the group its theme. Originally linked by by our shipping and marine connections, the Group has diversified to meet the demands of a changing world. However each business continues to deliver, as its foremost priority, a service to clients which remains highly personal, and essentially unchanged from the service that has been delivered to similar clients since 1866.

Denholm continues to maintain the standards and values that are crucial to our clients, leading by experience.


Latest News

Assel Dosamanova achieves her Msc.

Assel DosamanovaNowadays, in a growing country like Kazakhstan most of the young generations are trying to comply with international standards and be more competitive in order to get a better lifestyle and have higher positions in one of the international companies investing in and doing business in Kazakhstan.

Investing in your own knowledge is the best investment, which will be recognized. As a person who would like to grow together with the current demand, as a person who’s desire to not stop in achieved, the decision to invest for my Masters degree abroad was necessary priority. After achieving a bachelors degree in Law in Kazakhstan, I decided to get the Masters in UK, especially in Aberdeen, which is the capital in Europe for Oil and Gas industry. I chose the Robert Gordon University (RGU), which is a recognized university all over the world and has accreditation from the Energy Institute and also has professional accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb).

Based on the main industry in my country and having the bachelor in Law, Master in Oil and Gas was exactly what I was looking for. I could not go abroad for on campus study because of my family, being employed and other issues. So the online/distance learning was a godsend for me. RGU provides an excellent on-line/distance study program through their virtual campus and provides all necessary materials and support, like online library, daily forum, lecturer’s advice and recommendations. I am currently working with Contracts department in the oil and gas field and my choice for studying oil and gas law is to be fully utilised in my field of work, and to attain substantial knowledge in oil and gas field in parallel to my work.

You should work as usual - full time, and study in the evening. Of course, as the English is not my native language, it was very hard in the beginning to read quickly the lectures and at the same time participate in daily forums on the subjects given and prepare the answers and do homework’s. You should spend all your free time after work and for sure weekends for preparation of study.

LLM programme covered the following topics such as Contract, Tort, Oil and Gas Contract Law, Arbitration, Renewable Energy Issues, Environmental Aspects of Oil and Gas Law, Reparation law, Legal system of UK etc. The online programme was very beneficial for both me and my employer because I was able to study for an LLM while continuing with my full time employment.

The course was very enjoyable because it covered relevant topics of the industry and focused on practical problem solving scenarios which you might come across in your day to day work. Being able to discuss and exchange ideas with other students from around the world, who have different levels of experience within the industry, was a great advantage.

I enjoyed the course as it provided me with the knowledge and information which helped me in my day to day work in the Oil and Gas field. The LLM in Oil and Gas law will surely benefit me in my job development, give me a grasp over my work, and attain my goals and success in my future.

Special thanks I would like to say for my current company managers at Denholm Zholdas, who supported me on my trip to my Graduation ceremony, and showing their interest in people searching for knowledge. And when they pay such attention to such small person like me, you realize that it worth it.

Assel Dosamanova